Good bye Wasteland, Hello Iron Rock

Our guild took advantage of the free transfers to more populated servers. So far Iron Rock has been pretty good. We left the old HAVOC guild so we’re now Black Forest again – only on Iron Rock instead of Wasteland – just a few real life friends having fun.

The only time I was able to hang out with my guildies we were in Tor Anroc with a 22 maruader, 20 sorceror, 27 zealot, and me (25 shaman). Our marauder got the bauble first every time and we won 4 easy games until we got crushed in our 5th.

I still don’t know what happened except that we ran into a much better premade.

By the way I tried to transfer a few low level alts around but was unable to. I couldn’t find anything about a minimum level to transfer but it seems like there must be one.

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