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February 27, 2009 James 0

I enjoyed following this thread on what WAR is and is not. What do you think? Is it a gear grind? Are charccter builds more […]

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LARP shield advice

November 4, 2008 James 0

So this is a Warhammer blog but only cause I play WAR more than I LARP. If I could reverse that easily I would. Anyway, […]

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How to win Tor Anroc

November 2, 2008 James 0

This thread has the answer: Originally someone thought it was an exploit, however most people seem to think it’s not. It revolves around spots in […]

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Guild drama already

October 22, 2008 James 0

A few weeks ago, our samll guild consisting of a few close friends merged with Havoc, at the time the biggest destruction guild on our […]